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Naval Mining Planning Application

Mining Operations cover laying mines for protective, defensive or offensive purposes. The Naval Mining Planning Application provides support for CTF/CTG in developing a Mining Plan associated to a Mining Mission/Task. It covers managing tactical mining activities as Maritime Missions/Tasks modified to be Mining Mission/Task by maintaining Mining Plan Information (List of Mining Missions, List of Mining Tasks, Assigning of blocks of Task Numbers, Cargo Numbers and Lay Reference Numbers for each unit, Minefield Performance Objectives (MPO) (as text), Minefield Measures of Effectiveness (MMOE) (as a computable value), and Remarks. It calculates MMOE, based on a single mine or cargo. It uses them to calculate the number of required mines in a specific Minefield based on specified parameters in order to achieve a desired MMOE against the primary target ship of the Minefield.

Naval Mine Warfare Applications