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Wireless BLOS Static Transmission Services
The Wireless Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) Static Transmission Services support wireless transfer of data amongst two or more static nodes Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) of each other, employing modulated Radio Frequency (RF) carriers in different frequency bands. Selection of frequency bands is based on coverage, capacity, propagation, transceiver attributes, and frequency coordination constraints. In the context of these services, the wireless transmission path between the static nodes can be established passively (i.e. wireless signal is refracted back to earth by different atmospheric layers) or actively (i.e. wireless signal is transmitted back to earth via a transponder). In the case when a transponder (e.g. satellite) is employed, the transponder can perform frequency translation, filtering (including limiting), channel amplification, combining/splitting over one or multiple antennas/coverage beams, as well as relaying over one or more channels.
Transmission Services