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Special Operations Plan Development Process

Special Operations Plan Development Process supports the development of a plan based on the approved CONOPS, that addresses deployment, employment, force protection, and sustainment of special operations. This process must meet the criteria for timeliness and adequacy as specified by the JTF HQ. A SOPLE is the SOCC representative at the JTF HQ, the Joint Force Command (JFC), and/or the ACO. The SOPLE ensures that the SOCC requirements and requests are adequately addressed in the development of the JCO, the JTF HQ synchronization matrix, and the joint prioritized effects list. Once the JTF HQ CONOPS is approved by the strategic commander, the SOCC should expect an activation warning that is provided for representatives to the force generation conference where nations commit their contributions to the operation. An activation request is sent to each nation’s Ministry of Defence to confirm their force commitments; The strategic commander releases the Allied Forces List (AFL). The AFL and the SOCC CONOPS are the basis for the SOCC SUPPLAN and appropriate annexes. This phase also includes revisions to the JTF HQ Annex K, Special Operations, based on any changes or adjustments received during the CONOPS approval process and AFL.

Special Operations Planning Processes