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Operations Logistics Chain Visibility Application

The Operations Logistics Chain Visibility Application enables users to visualize the Operations Logistics Chain management (OLCM) capability by data collection on the operation of logistic processes, resources and requirements (including relative priorities) and subsequent visualization. This Application must address the following * Detailed visibility is required of the NATO controlled operational logistics chains (processes, requirements, resources), covering those forces, capabilities and assets directly assigned to the NATO commander and likely to be under his operational control (OPCON). Provision must be made for assigned forces that cannot use or do not have access to the NATO LOG FS to be able to exchange information with NATO to the maximum extent possible. * Limited visibility is required of the elements of an operational logistics chain over which the NATO commander has logistics coordinating authority - Logistics Control (LOGCON). Provision must be made for the exchange of information between national systems and NATO in accordance with the general requirements of NATO’s logistics reporting directive, as tailored in the operation plan/operation order for the mission or exercise. * Reference data intermediation functionality is required to ease the exchange of information between NATO and national systems on the defining characteristics of the items in which the NATO commander is interested. This functionality will support the creation, identification and association of capability and product characteristic data, based on the association between capability-based NATO Reportable Item Code (RIC) and agreed item based codes such as NATO Stock Number (NSN). The intermediation functionality must also support future adoption of international standards This application also enables users to access, compile, generate and share the ‘‘Recognized Logistics Picture’’ (RLP) in order to provide appropriate NATO Commander with enhanced situational awareness. As one component of the Common Operational Picture, the RLP consists of a tailored view of logistic information pertaining to the current operations in order to improve situational awareness, planning and decision making.

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