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Record Interviews Process

; Record interviews ‘UOR for a MEDICS Medical Evaluation Manual Capability, v1.0 (FINAL) ‘ The aim of this phase is for the MET to prepare for and to conduct interviews of TCNs representatives on site. During this phase, the MET members will go on site to interview the TCNs representatives. Prior to heading to site, the MET will define the evaluation data sets required for interviews in accordance with the interviews schedule and involved MET member. ‘Activities ‘ [LE] *Schedule/coordinate the interviews with dates, venues, and identify involved users with their roles [MET Members/LE] *Fill the Interview Data Set with the initial assessment. As guided in [NATO AMedP-1.6, 2014], for each Module/Capability to be evaluated through the interview, the Interview Data Set includes **A Main Questions during Evaluation (MQDE) Form’ (given in Annex D of [NATO AMedP-1.6, 2014]); **A First Impression Report (FIR) Inputs’ form (given in Annex A of [NATO AMedP-1.6, 2014]). The FIR Inputs form will be used by the MET member to record his/her observations that will be reflected in the FIR.

Medical Evaluation Management Processes