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General Ledger Application

The General Ledger Application enables users to support the processes required to keep the main financial accounting record of a business which uses double-entry bookkeeping. The General Ledger Application supports the maintenance of all financial data and support to control budget, actuals and commitments. It supports multi-currency accounting and consolidation of separately managed data derived from multiple sites, entities, programmes or allocations covering multiple fiscal years. And it also supports the production of IPSAS-compliant reports such as automated trial balances, statements of financial position (including annual financial reports details or summaries of transactions, of commitments, accruals, obligations, expenditures, receivables, payables and holdings). This application also supports the general accounting, management of financial journals, encumbrance revaluation, balance translation, carry forward and other year-end activities, preparation of financial statements (including the templates), and the financial analysis.

Financial Management Applications