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CTE Setting and Scenario Applications

The Collective Training and Exercises (CTE) Setting and Scenario Applications enable users to develop and manage the scenario for group training and exercises in order to present the training audience with an effective and realistic environment to execute their mission. A setting is defined as “a geographic and strategic situation designed to provide all the conditions required to support the achievement of high level exercise aims and objectives. The setting, which can be real world, fictionalized or synthetic is the framework on which a scenario can be developed. A scenario is defined as “the background story that describes the historical, political, military, economic, cultural, humanitarian and legal events and circumstances that have led to the current exercise crisis or conflict. The scenario is designed to support exercise and training objectives and, like the setting, can be real, fictionalized or synthetic as is appropriate. A scenario will be composed of specific modules essential to the accomplishment of the exercise objectives or of the seminar/academic/experiment objectives”.

Collective Training and Exercises Applications