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Conducting CIS Preparations

This phase of the operation normally relies exclusively on the existing commercial, strategic, and tactical communications infrastructure. Processes include Prepare initial CIS deployment packages to provide a CIS deployment package developed to support an OPLAN. This OPLAN may have to consider en-route communications to support initial tactical entry. Establish a battlespace spectrum management (BSM) cell to ensure sufficient spectrum resources are available to support deployment and mission activities. BSM is the practical coordination, consolidation, deconfliction, and allocation of all RF electromagnetic spectrum usage, as well as the identification and resolution of electromagnetic interference (EMI) within the operational environment. The BSM cell works with the HN or the organization that assumes responsibility for the RF electromagnetic spectrum in theatre. Conduct Strategic deployment. As the joint forces deploy, CIS assets are extended into the JOA. These assets deploy incrementally in support of the build-up in the operational area.

Communication and Information Systems Support