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ETR Treatment Update Process

The Electronic Treatment Record (ETR) Treatment Update Process describes the activities by a medical care provider (from nation A) to provide an update on the provided treatment after completing that treatment of a patient (from nation B), which will be added to the ETR of the patient. ‘Preconditions ‘ Medical care provider is logged in to ETR capability A. ‘Basic Flow ‘ 1. Medical care provider treats the patient and records this treatment. 2. ETR capability A saves the records of the treatment. 3. Medical care provider completes the treatment of the patient. 4. Medical care provider requests to send an update on the recorded treatment to ETR capability B. 5. ETR capability A validates the credentials of medical care provider. 6. ETR capability A issues and caches security token [A]. 7. ETR capability A requests a security token from ETR capability B; this security token request includes security token [A]. 8. ETR capability B validates security token [A]. 9. ETR capability B issues security token [B]. 10. ETR capability B send security token [B] to ETR capability A. 11. ETR capability A caches security token [B]. 12. ETR capability A sends an ETR treatment update request to ETR capability B; this ETR treatment update request includes security token [B]. 13. ETR capability B validates security token [B]. 14. ETR capability B authorizes the ETR treatment update request. 15. ETR capability B adds the ETR treatment update to the ETR and saves the ETR. ‘Alternative Flows ‘ If a cached security token is available, steps 4-6 are skipped. ‘Post-conditions ‘ The update on the provided treatment has been added to the ETR of the patient.

Electronic Treatment Records Management Processes