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Sustainment Planning Application

The Sustainment Planning Application enables the user to determine the operational sustainment requirements, for all (NATO) classes of supply, needed to support a specified operation through the ability to access, process, and disseminate information required to calculate the operational sustainment requirements for a defined set of alliance capabilities in accordance with NATO policy and planning scenarios. The functionality allows the user to analyse the sustainability status of deployed forces while considering the supply chains (per supply class) and determines the optimal mix of supplies to be deployed with a set of forces for a specific operation type, within defined constraints, such as strategic lift, cost, or storage capacity. The functionality primarily uses a Level of Effort (LoE) methodology, utilising the concepts of a Standard Day of Supply (SDOS), modification factors and Combat Days of Supply (CDOS) and supports the concept of Alternate Commodities’. The requirements of deferred systems of SPM (operational portion) and parts of NRF-ARMS will contribute to this functionality.

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