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Medical Contribution to the Operational OPLAN Development Process

The purpose of Phase 4b - Operational OPLAN Development is to develop the arrangements and further specify the required activities to implement the operational CONOPS; and to specify the conduct of operations, including the deployment, employment and sustainment of forces. ‘Preconditions ‘ Draft Operational CONOPS, approved by the Commander, including illustrative SORs is available. ‘Basic Flow ‘ Following activities can be conducted from a medical perspective Medical contribution to Operational OPLAN Main Body. The following sections may be applicable for medical consideration **Operational Direction Forces and Resources, Cooperation with Others Actors, Risk Management **Execution Coordinating Instructions (i.e., Specific requirements, direction and priorities) CCIR, medical CRMs, Force Protection, CBRN Defence, Environmental Protection, Public Affairs, Civ-Mil Coop, Operations Assessment, Lessons Learned **Concept for Service Support **Development of Medical Support Concept ***The following sections require coordination with the medical planner Logistic Support Concept, Logistic Standards and Requirements, Host Nation Support Concept, Supply & Maintenance, Contractor Support, Finance. *Development of Annex QQ - Medical. *The following Annexes may require coordination with the medical planner Logistics from a medical perspective, Staging and entry into the JOA, Logistic command, control and co-ordination relationships, Reporting procedures, Force Protection, Environmental Support, NCRS, including implementation of specific CRMs, Intelligence, Legal, Operations Assessment, Public Affairs. *Review draft Component plans & update draft operational OPLAN with the Annex QQ ‘Post-conditions ‘ SACEUR’s approval of the operational OPLAN; and the Commander’s promulgation of the operational OPLAN and approval of the component plans.

Medical Support Operations Planning Processes