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Special Operations CONOPS Development Process

The Special Operations Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Development Process supports the determination of the best way to carry out operations effectively and efficiently in accordance with the Joint Force Command’s (JFC) intent. This process starts with a review of the CPG as a basis for updating staff estimates and developing Courses of Action (COAs). Potential COAs are initially described in broad terms and tested for viability. Viable COAs are coordinated with subordinate commands, refined through analysis, evaluated through wargaming, and compared among themselves and against the opposing force COAs to determine relative advantages and disadvantages. The results are presented in a COA decision brief to the commander. On the basis of the commander’s decision and any further guidance, the SOCCPG refines the selected COA and produces a coherent component level CONOPS and a joint statement of requirements (SOR), which are the final products of this planning stage.

Special Operations Planning Processes