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Cyberspace Operations Contribution to Target Nomination

Like every other operation, Cyberspace Operations (COs) are initially considered in the joint targeting process, to identify targeting options where COs could be conducted to create specific effects in support of the commander’s mission objectives. During planning, and continuously as part of execution, target nominations are required to implement COs. These are initiated through the joint targeting process into the relevant working groups for development to be fed into relevant boards for inclusion on the joint prioritised target list (JPTL). The cyclic target development process during planning should include input for COs at all relevant levels. The commander has to take into account that certain types of COs can take significant time to plan, develop, authorise and execute. Allied Joint Doctrine for Joint Targeting, provides guidance for integrating targeting into operations, and the fundamentals on how to integrate COs into the targeting process. Targeting using COs may well require specific national arrangements.

Cyberspace Operations