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Identity Provisioning Application

The Identity Provisioning Application enables users to initiate and manage automated provisioning of identities within enterprise Identity Repository and other systems entities require an access to. The identities are usually initially provisioned when a new record is created in identity authoritative data source (e.g. in HR system). It involves provisioning of an identity in enterprise wide Identity Repository, but also accounts in the systems entity needs an access to. All provisioned system-specific identities (accounts) are linked to unique identity in Identity Repository. An identities may need to be updated or even removed when the status or identity attributes in identity data sources are changed (e.g. entity is assigned a new role). Usually system specific identities (accounts) are deleted when an enterprise identity is de-provisioned. The Identity Provisioning Application enables an automation of these processes through the definition and execution of custom workflows for each type of identities (users, devices, services, etc.) and for each action performed on the identity entry (enrollment, update, suspension, de-provisioning, etc.).

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