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Strategic Communications Execution

Close coordination within and between headquarters is essential during the execution of operations. Equally important is to integrate non-lethal and lethal information effects to support the implementation of strategic-political communication guidance and achieve desired effects. Coordination mechanisms include (1) Internal - to coordinate throughout the staff and vertically with higher and subordinate HQ elements. (2) External - to coordinate with non-Alliance entities, outside media, and other organizations. This can be done through a close coordination with J9, or can be done directly from Staff elements within the operational level HQ. (3) Information sharing and collaboration. - For effective implementation of StratCom and messaging integration, Commands should use collaborative software/hardware capabilities for vertical and horizontal integration of all internal and external stakeholders. To foster common understanding and to ensure timely coordination it is essential to develop common databases/websites/portals etc. for all key stakeholders.

Strategic Communications Processes