United States of America - Department of Defense (US DoD)

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US DoD owns 10 standards, which are:

Pubnum Title Date
DIN: DOD_BTF_TS_EBTS_ Nov06_01.02.00 DOD EBTS 2006
DIN: DOD_BTF_TS_EBTS_ Mar09_02.00.00 DOD EBTS 2009
MIL-STD-6017B Variable Message Format (VMF) 2009
MIL-STD-6017D Variable Message Format (VMF) 2017
OTH-G Rev. C Operational Specification for OVER-THE-HORIZON TARGETING GOLD (Revision C) (OTH-G) 1997
OTH-T Gold Baseline 2007 Over-The-Horizon Targeting Gold baseline 2007 2007
VV&A RPG Validation Verification and Accreditation Recommended Practices Guide 2011
VV&A templates Validation Verification and Accreditation 2012
MIL-PRF-89039 Vector Smart Map (VMAP) Level 0 1995
MIL-PRF-89033 Vector Smart Map (VMAP) Level 1 1995