C3B CaP1 Line of Sight Communications Capability Team (C3B CaP1 LOS Comms CaT)

C3B CaP1 LOS Comms CaT is responsible for 6 standards, which are:

Org Pubnum Title Date
NATO AComP-4205 Ed A Ver 1 Technical standards for single channel UHF radio equipment 3 2018
NATO AComP-4691 Ed A Ver 1 Multi-hop IP Networking with legacy UHF Radios: Mobile ad hoc relay Line of Sight Networking (MARLIN) 2016
NATO STANAG 4204 Ed 3 Technical standards for single channel VHF radio equipment 2008
NATO STANAG 4246 Ed 3 Have Quick 2009
NATO STANAG 4292 Ed 2 Standards to Achieve Communication Between Single Channel Tactical Combat Net Radio Equipment and Frequency Hopping Radios Operating in the same VHF (30-108 MHz) Band 2 1987
NATO STANAG 4372 Ed 3 Saturn 3 2008