Joint Capability Group on Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (CNAD, AC/224 NAFAG, JCGISR)

CNAD, AC/224 NAFAG, JCGISR is responsible for 14 standards, which are:

Org Pubnum Title Date
FBI IAFIS-DOC-01078-8.1 Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification (EBTS) 8.1 2008
NATO AEDP-04 Ed 2 Ver 1 NATO Secondary Imagery Format (NSIF) STANAG 4545 Implementation Guide 2013
NATO AEDP-06 Ed B Ver 4 NATO Advanced Data Storage Interface (NADSI) Requirements And Implementation Guide 2020
NATO AEDP-09 Ed 1 Air Reconnaissance Primary Imagery Data Standard 2009
NATO AEDP-11 Ed 1 Imagery Air Reconnaissance Tape Recorder Interface 2001
NATO AEDP-15 Ed A Ver 1 Biometrics Data, Interchange, Watchlisting and Reporting 2013
NATO AEDP-16 NATO standardization of measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT) Reporting
NATO AEDP-17 Ed A Ver 1 NATO Standard ISR Library Interface 2018
NATO AEDP-18 Ed A Ver 1 NATO Standard ISR Streaming Services 2018
NATO AEDP-19 Ed A Ver 1 NATO Standard ISR Workflow Architecture 2018
NATO AEDP-7085 Ed A Ver 1 Interoperable Data Links for Imaging Systems 2011
NATO NNSTD MISP-2019.1 Motion Imagery Standards Profile 2018
US DoD DIN: DOD_BTF_TS_EBTS_ Nov06_01.02.00 DOD EBTS 1.2 2006
US DoD DIN: DOD_BTF_TS_EBTS_ Mar09_02.00.00 DOD EBTS 2.0 2009