NCIA/OTHER is responsible for 7 standards, which are:

Org Pubnum Title Date
NATO ADatP-03 Ver 4 (BL 13) NATO Message Text Formatting System (FORMETS) - Concept of Formets (CONFORMETS) Ver 4 (BL 13) 2006
NATO ADatP-32 LAND C2 Information Exchange data Model 2005
NATO AGeoP-07 Ed A Ver 1 NATO Specifications for Global Area Reference System (GARS), Edition A Version 1 Oct 2012:Geodetic Datums, Projections, Grids and Grid References GEOREF, MGRS 2012
NATO STANAG 1059 Ed 8 Letter Codes for Geographic Entities Ed 8 2004
NATO STANAG 2183 Ed 1 NATO Asset Tracking Communication Requirements 2009
NATO STANAG 2185 Ed 2 NATO Asset Tracking Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 2005
NATO STANAG 6001 Ed 4 Language Proficiency Levels 2010