Formatted Messages for Air Profile
The Formatted Messages Profile for Air provides the standard for formatted messages that are typically used in Air operations in support of the air processesAir Operational Planning and ExecutionandAir Tactical Picture Management Process. These formatted messages may be used as payload/attachment in combination with various transport mechanisms such as informal messaging (e-mail), web hosting, text collaboration (chat) or simply the use of the ACP-127 protocol.

Reference document

Proposed FMN Spiral 5 Specification



Obligation: MANDATORY, Lifecycle: CANDIDATE

NATO Message Text Formats—Purpose and Method of Use NATO message text consists of standardized messages that are both man- and machine-readable. The formats of these messages are laid out in the NATO Message Catalogue (APP-11) and are generally referred to as MTF messages. In some instances older versions of these MTFs are still used by Affiliates as is the case for the ATO and ACO during the Spiral 5 Preferred phase. Purpose. MTF messages may be used To convey operational instructions or intentions.To pass operational information to tactical commanders at sea.To pass operational information between component commanders and subordinate units.To report operational information between commanders and from subordinate to higher formations.To notify organizations of impending and actual operations of units engaged in maritime warfare. Method of Use. MTF messages are to be used as shown in Table 2-15. Detailed instructions of the structures and method of completion are contained in APP-11. Some of these messages have not yet been incorporated into FORMETS and their structures are found in Chapter 6 of APP-11. Relevant Allied publications should be consulted for direction on content to be included.Ships and aircraft joining a force should be in receipt of all relevant messages pertaining to the operation in sufficient time before joining a force, to allow the commander and operational staff to make sufficient plans and provisions that they can join the force without further orders.




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