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Recognized Maritime Picture Services
The Recognized Maritime Picture (RMP) Services provide the means to create, manage and disseminate the Recognized Maritime Picture. These services will generate a de-conflicted and agreed picture of the maritime environment through the collection, aggregation, correlation and fusion of information from multiple sources. It also provides data on the current and historical information of object data, e.g. tracks, vessels, figures, ports and special points. The information related to both combatant and non-combatant vessels builds the Maritime Operational Picture (MOP), in the broadest sense, which consists of all kinds of maritime operational objects available. MOP is the overall collection of Military Picture (MP), which is the collection of all recognized combatant tracks, vessels and relevant reference objects, White Picture (WP), which is the collection of civilian maritime tracks and vessels from a non-combatant category (merchant, fishing, pleasure, research, government etc.) and relevant reference objects, and any unknown and pending tracks with any other available supportive information.
Maritime Domain Services


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