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Military Aid/Support to Civil Authorities (SCA)
The Military Aid/Support to Civil Authorities (SCA) mission type consists of military activities that provide temporary support, within means and capabilities, to civil communities or authorities, when permitted by law, and which are normally undertaken when unusual circumstances or an emergency overtaxes the capabilities of the civil authorities. Categories of support include military assistance to covil authorities and support to numanitarian assistance operations. Military Assistance to Civil Authorities includes military support to civil authorities, civil law enforcement, economic recovery, and military assistance for civil disturbance. Implementation of a civil plan in response to a crisis may depend on the military to provide a stable and secure environment for its implementation. Support might include providing security assistance to an election process and supervising the transition to a democratically elected public administration, training local police and security forces, mine and unexploded ordnance clearing and training of the local population, assisting in public administration, maintaining public services, supporting public administration in coordinating a humanitarian operation, or providing security for individuals, populations, or installations. In exceptional circumstances, within a mandate for a larger mission, NATO military forces could be called on to contribute to tasks related to public security which are the responsibility of a mandated civil authority, organization, or agency. Specifically, military support to public securitywill depend entirely on the mission and the residual local policing and judicial capability, and may require involvement in civil security tasks, including operations to maintain local law and order during the initial stage of an operation, until appropriate civilian authorities can take over thier tasks. This assistance will normally be provided by multinational specialized units (MSUs) or, in special circumstances, other forces.
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