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Communications Access Services
The Communications Access Services provide end-to-end connectivity of communications or computing devices. Communications Access Services can be interfaced directly to Transmission Services (e.g. in the case of personal communications systems) or to Transport Services, which in turn interact with Transmission Services for the actual physical transport. Because they are defined end-to-end, in a comms service map, the same Access Service block can be found at both ends of the link, and will often (but not necessarily) be implemented and managed by the same service provider. Communications Access Services correspond to customer-facing communications services. As such, they can also be referred to as Subscriber Services, or Customer-Edge (CE) Services. In most cases, they involve the direct connection of hosts or end-user devices that interface the service on a given layer of the communications stack. The Communications Access Services nomenclature is based on the type of end-to-end access service supported between the Communications/computing devices.
Communications Services


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