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Counter Terrorism (CT)
The Counterterrorism (CT) mission type consists of activites taken for offensive measures to neutralize terrorism before and after hostile acts are carried out. Such measures include those counterforce activities justified for the defence of individuals as well as containment measures implemented by military forces or civilian organizations. CT is primarily conducted by specially organized, equipped, and trained CT assets; however, by exception, theymay also be accomplished by conventional forces. Accordingly, CT is included as a special operational task. CT contains its own unique characteristics and problems for NATO forces conducting them. CT may be conducted in the context of an undeclared conflict against state-sponsored or transnational, autonomous armed groups who are not easily identified, and who often do not fall under the categories of combatants defined in the applicable international law. NATO forces engaged in a CT operation may be required to operate in conflict areas with or eithout the assistance of the local government.
Mission Types and Tasks