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Integrate Technology
Modern facility management must integrate and use technology. Workplace management systems aggregate data, which drives crucial decisions about how to run the business and shape the workplace. Identifying and implementing the right technology is a chief responsibility of facility managers. Integrating physical technology typically falls on the IT department. However, facilities managers should have a key input on how technologies are selected, used, and leveraged. Some examples of what this looks like in a modern setting include * Researching Internet of Things(IoT) devices based on data collection needs * Integrating IoT devices into everyday facilities processes * Determining the cost, Return On Investment, and advantage of smart technologies * Using aggregated data to better understand the workplace Using an Integrated Workplace Management System, facility managers can collect and analyse data from networked technologies to get insights about the workplace. This fuels better decision-making on how to optimize the work environment for the people using it. It is important to note that not all office technology relies on data collection. Access control systems support safety, while automation technology streamlines processes. While there is a data component to any networked device or software, the true benefit of most technology is in its function. It is up to facility managers to understand and leverage this function for optimal ROI.
Facility Management Processes