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Geospatial Web Map Tile Services
The Geospatial Web Map Tile Services provide access to cartographic maps using predefined image tiles. Geospatial Web Map Tile Services provide a complementary approach to the Geospatial Web Map Services for tiling maps. Geospatial Web Map Services focus on rendering custom maps and is an ideal solution for dynamic data or custom styled maps. Geospatial Web Map Tile Services trade the flexibility of custom map rendering for the scalability possible by serving of static data (base maps) where the bounding box and scales have been constrained to discrete tiles which enables the use of standard network mechanisms for scalability such as distributed cache systems to cache images between the client and the server, reducing latency and bandwidth use. The service advertises the tiles it has available through a standardized declaration in the ServiceMetadata document common to all geospatial web services. This declaration defines the tiles available in each layer (i.e. each type of content), in each graphical representation style, in each format, in each coordinate reference system, at each scale, and over each geographic fragment of the total covered area. The ServiceMetadata document also declares the communication protocols and encodings through which clients can interact with the server. Clients can interpret the Service Metadata document to request specific tiles.
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The following CIO serviceprofiles references this taxonomy node. For each serviceprofile, we list the standards which will be used to implement the functionality described in the taxonomy node: