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Geospatial Services
The Geospatial Services provide the means to deliver network-based access to quality raster, vector and terrain data, available in varying degrees of format and complexity. Geospatial Services form a distinct class of information services through their unique requirements for collecting, converting, storing, retrieving, processing, analysing, creating, and displaying geographic data. The generic nature of Geospatial Services - “organizing information by location” - is interdisciplinary and not specific to any Community of Interest (COI) or application. Nonetheless, specialized services are also required, based on specific needs such as transformation of geographic coordinates and querying of catalogues.
Business Support Services


BSP Mandatory Standards

The following mandatory standards are recommended for this taxonomy node:

BSP Candidate Standards

The following candidate standards are recommended for this taxonomy node:

Service Profiles

The following CIO serviceprofiles references this taxonomy node. For each serviceprofile, we list the standards which will be used to implement the functionality described in the taxonomy node: