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Software Factory Services
The Software Factory Services (also known as “DevSecOps Platform Services”) provide standardized tooling and engineering services for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Build Factory (Continuous Integration, Source Code Management, artifact repositories, testing services, release management, etc.) to simplify and ease collaboration across Teams, ARTs, or Solution Trains - and makes it easier to move people between them. In addition to tools and pipelines, the Software Factory Services provide * A service catalogue that supports requests through self-service, or if that’s not possible, via tickets. * Service assurance for monitoring, configuration management, and data protection. Infrastructure on demand (IoD) is used to dynamically allocate compute and storage capacity to be able to scale-out and optimize resource utilization. * Supporting services that provide integrated collaboration tools, process automation, and usage/cost tracking via analytics and insights. * A lean portfolio management tool that provides portfolio-level insights and enables coordination and orchestration of the development value streams.
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