Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO)


SISO owns 21 standards, which are:

Pubnum Title Date
STD-003-2006 Base Object Model 2006
C2SIM Standard for Command and Control Systems - Simulation Systems Interoperation 2020
SISO-STD-020-2020 Standard for Land Operations Extension (LOX) to Command and Control Systems - Simulation Systems Interoperation 2020
STD-013-2014 Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) 2014
STD-015-2016 Distributed Debrief Control Architecture (DCCA) 2016
DIS Distributed Interactive Simulation 2015
DMAO DSEEP Multi-Architecture Overlay 2013
DSEEP Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process 2011
Enum Enumeratiions for Distributed Simulation 2020
STD-012-2013 Federation Engineering Agreements Template 2016
GDL/GFL Gateway Description Language / Gateway Filtering Language 2018
GSD Guideline on Scenario Development 2018
HLA High Level Architecture 2010
HLA OMT High Level Architecture - Object Model Template 2010
Link 11 Sim Link 11 Simulation
SISO-STD-002-2006 Link 16 Simulation 2006
RIEDP Reuse and Interoperation of Environmental Data and Processes 2018
STD-001.1-2015 Realtime Platform Referance Federation Object Model 2015
GM VV Generic Methodology for Verification and Validation 2012
UCATT Urban Combat Advanced Training Technologies 2016
WebLVC Web Live Virtual Constructive 2014