NMSG/MS3 is responsible for 25 standards, which are:

Org Pubnum Title Date
NMSG AMSP-04 Ed B Ver 1 NATO Education and Training Network Federation Architecture and FOM Design 2013
OGC OpenFlight Ver 16.7 OpenFlight Scene Description Database Specification Ver 16.7 2018
SISO SISO-STD-003-2006 Base Object Model 2006
SISO C2SIM Standard for Command and Control Systems - Simulation Systems Interoperation 2020
SISO SISO-STD-013-2014 Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) 4.0 2014
SISO SISO-STD-015-2016 Distributed Debrief Control Architecture (DCCA) 2016
SISO DIS Distributed Interactive Simulation 2015
SISO DMAO DSEEP Multi-Architecture Overlay 2013
SISO DSEEP Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process 2011
SISO Enum Enumeratiions for Distributed Simulation 2020
SISO SISO-STD-012-2013 Federation Engineering Agreements Template 2013
SISO GDL/GFL Gateway Description Language / Gateway Filtering Language 2018
SISO GM VV Generic Methodology for Verification and Validation 2012
SISO GSD Guideline on Scenario Development 2018
SISO HLA High Level Architecture 2010
SISO HLA OMT High Level Architecture - Object Model Template 2010
SISO SISO-STD-005-2023 Link 11/11B Simulation 2023
SISO SISO-STD-002-2006 Link 16 Simulation 2006
SISO SISO-STD-020-2020 Standard for Land Operations Extension (LOX) to Command and Control Systems - Simulation Systems Interoperation 1.0 2020
SISO RIEDP Reuse and Interoperation of Environmental Data and Processes 2018
SISO SISO-STD-001.1-2015 Realtime Platform Referance Federation Object Model 2015
SISO UCATT Urban Combat Advanced Training Technologies 2016
SISO WebLVC Web Live Virtual Constructive 2014
US DoD VV&A RPG Validation Verification and Accreditation Recommended Practices Guide 2011
US DoD VV&A Templates Validation Verification and Accreditation Templates 2012