Overlay Distribution Profile
The Overlay Distribution Profile covers the standards for overlays and (military) symbology that identify locations on the surface of the planet. These overlays are employed when disseminating recognized domain or functional pictures and related picture elements between different communities of interest in a federated mission network environment, as well as sharing with partners operating outside of the Operational Network.

Reference document

FMN Spiral 4 Specification



Obligation: MANDATORY, Lifecycle: CURRENT

Applies to NVG only. Implementation Guidance is provided inNVG 2.0 APP-6D Bindings

Obligation: CONDITIONAL, Lifecycle: CURRENT

Conditional for three use cases that typically involve cross-domain information exchange sharing overlays outside of the Mission Network or,sharing overlays to exchange information in the form of Cross-security domain exchange. If an Affiliate has the requirement to share (export/import) with external (non-MN) organisations, then it is to support exchange via KMLexchanging of targeting and JISR products that are prepared on national networks. This particular COI have articulated a requirement to use KML for “Named Area of Interest”. In terms of conditionality, this use is to be defined by that COI. When exporting KML files that reference external resources, KML Zipped (KMZ) must be used and all relevant referenced external resources must be included in the KMZ structure as relative references. The references to these files can be found in the href attribute (or sometimes, the '"`UNIQ--nowiki-00008B5E-QINU`"' element) of several KML elements. To enable cross domain exchange and long-term preservation relative references must be used for those resources that are included in the KMZ structure. As many Earth Viewers only work with legacy PKZIP 2.x format for KMZ, .zip folders shall be created in accordance withhttps //www.pkware.com/documents/APPNOTE/APPNOTE-2.0.txt.

Obligation: MANDATORY, Lifecycle: CURRENT

The minimum conformance level for Spiral 4 is defined as conformant with type B3R - as per the NVG 2.0.2 Specification summarized as File-based and NVG Request/Response Protocol, all symbolized content, with timing information and operationally relevant extended data.




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