Open GIS Consortium (OGC)


OGC owns 22 standards, which are:

Pubnum Title Date
01-009 OpenGIS Coordinate Transformation Services 2001
02-070 OpenGIS Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) Profile of the Web Map Service Implementation Specification 2002
04-094 Web Feature Service Implementation Specification 2005
05-007r7 OpenGIS Web Processing Service 2007
05-047r3 GML in JPEG 2000 for Geographic Imagery (GMLJP2) 2006
05-077r4 OpenGIS Symbology Encoding Implementation Specification 2007
06-042 OpenGIS Web Map Service (WMS) Implementation Specification 2006
06-050r3 An Introduction to GeoRSS: A Standards Based Approach for Geo-enabling RSS feeds, v1.0.0 2006
06-121r9 Web Services Common Implementation Specification v2.0.0 2010
07-057r7 OpenGIS Web Map Tile Service Implementation Standard 2010
07-147r2 OGC KML 2.2.0 2008
09-025r2 OGC Web Feature Service 2.0 Interface Standard – With Corrigendum 2014
09-110r4 OGC WCS 2.0 Interface Standard- Core: Corrigendum 2012
10-100r2 GML Simple Features Profile v2.0 2010
11-044 Geography Markup Language (GML) simple features profile Technical Note v 2.0 2011
11-157 Corrigendum 1 for OGC Web Services Common Standard v2.0.0 - Multilingual 2011
12-128r10 OGC GeoPackage Encoding Standard V1.0. 2004
12-128r12 OGC GeoPackage Encoding Standard Version 1.1 2015
1.1 GML application schema for the Simple and GML serializations of GeoRSS 2006
07-067r5 Web Coverage Service Implementation Standard v1.1.2 2008
OpenFlight OpenFlight 2018
12-128r17 OGC GeoPackage Encoding Standard 2021